Chatbot Assist


Cielo Chatbot Assist™ is a true two-way SMS chatbot solution that allows contact centers to quickly implement an AI driven chat solution for many of the most common customer service transactions. Immediately engage your customer in the very first text message. Cielo Chatbot Assist™ allows you to serve any customer in your queue without them needing a special messenger app or their usage impacting their data consumption. SMS is ubiquitous and transitions seamlessly – allowing you to serve more customers waiting on hold. Reduce abandonment rates with Cielo’s Queue-to-Chat transition solution.

Cielo’s two-way SMS Chatbot Assist™ allows you to easily create proactive, intelligent conversations with your customers, using low cost two-way SMS chat. Using your own existing contact center procedures and transcripts, Cielo’s AI/Assist allows you to quickly build complex chat bot conversations without coding or technical knowledge. Cielo integrates with your IVR to immediately determine if the caller is using a mobile device. If they are, you have the option to smoothly transition them to real, two-way SMS chat.

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